Down a Country Road

by Inglath Cooper

Down a Country Road

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ISBN-10 / ISBN-131973238748 / 9781973238744
AuthorInglath Cooper
PublisherIndependently published (on 2018-06-19)
Binding TypePaperback
Number Of Pages407
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Product Description
A small town contemporary romance about unexpected love and second chances. . . 

The very last thing on Grier McAllister's Someday List is going back to Timbell Creek, Virginia, the town where she grew up. Timbell Creek holds too many bad memories for her, memories finally put to rest with a successful image consultant business in New York City and a hefty therapy bill. When an opportunity to choose a "Jane Austen Girl" for a visiting duke falls in her lap, the only catch that she must be from Grier's hometown, Grier tells herself she'll do what she needs to do and then leave it all behind for good. 

But Grier doesn't count on finding that her mother is no longer the person she used to be. She certainly doesn't plan on falling for an old boyfriend's really hot brother! And it isn't long before she begins to realize Timbell Creek is not only a part of who she was, but might be a part of who she is as well.


★★★★★ I loved this book. . .I honestly believe that I could turn around right now and read it again. It is that good! I have read almost all of Inglath Cooper's books and have loved each and every one of theml. If you have not read her books, I highly suggest you get started and I hope that you won't mind leaving some of the house work undone for a while because "you will be reading"! LOL

★★★★★ Makes you want to read more. I love this author. This is the 7th book I've read of hers. I'm hooked! I've got my daughter and sister hooked as well. I loved this story of a small town girl who ventured into the big city to change her circumstances. I loved the character of Grier being a strong independent woman. . .This book is filled with happiness, sadness, forgiveness, and staying true to who you are. Can't wait to read another book of Inglath Cooper's!

★★★★★ Wonderful. I absolutely loved this story and everything I've read by Inglath Cooper. This story was so compelling and beautifully written. I enjoy my Kindle, but wish I also had her books in paper form to re-read and savor.

★★★★★ Great page turner. Wonderful love story. I enjoyed every page of this book and hated for it to end.

★★★★★ If I could, I would give this 10 stars! I have found a new author! I love the way she keeps you interested from the first page to the last! I will be reading more of her books! Thank you.

★★★★★  Couldn't put it down. Nothing like a good romance with good characters that pull you into the story with them. Highly recommend this book!

★★★★★ Cared about the characters. I enjoyed this book a lot. The characters were believable and interesting. I cared what was happening to them and wanted to get to know them better. I liked that the book relied on a good story line and characters rather than just a series of steamy scenes. Will look for others by this author.
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