Guitar for Beginners: Teach Yourself to Play Your First Songs in Just 7 Days, Even If You've Never Picked Up a Guitar In Your Life

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ISBN-10 / ISBN-131703605152 / 9781703605150
AuthorJames Haywire
PublisherIndependently published (on 2019-10-29)
Binding TypePaperback
Number Of Pages106
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Product Description

If you want to learn to play the Guitar FAST (and in a practical way) without spending hours learning boring Musical Theory then keep reading...

Do you want to learn to play guitar? Do you want to do it by actually PLAYING instead of reading boring Musical Theory? Do you want be playing some of your favorite songs in 7 days or less?

So, instead of spending weeks thinking about playing music, how about learning what you need and GET PLAYING as fast as you can! (Potentially Even on Day 1!)

So, I decided to make this book, PERFECT for a absolute beginner, that offers a fun and practical way to learn Guitar.

I believe by making playing music natural to you, your learning will supercharge, and you could even pick up the theory along the way…

By following this streamlined strategy of learning guitar (That won’t take over your whole life) with exact practical exercises for you at each step of the way, you’ll be playing your favorite songs in no time.

Here is just a slither of what you’ll discover…

Practical Exercises to Make Every Step of The Process As Enjoyable As Possible

How to Potentially Play 1000’s of Songs By Learning Only These 3 Chords!

The Easiest Way To Tune Your Guitar by Ear (A Complete Novice Could Even do This!)

A Practical Guide to Learning All of The Essential Chords You Must Know

An Easy Step by Step Guide to Playing Your First 3 Songs (We Walk You Through The Whole Process!)

Why You Don’t Need Musical Theory Before You Start Playing Full Songs

Introducing An Effortless Way to Properly String your Guitar!

10 Secrets for Success as a Guitarist

8 Beginner Guitarist Mistakes (And Exactly how to Avoid& Overcome Them)

How to Play Your First Song on Your First Day of Practice!

5 Essential Guitar Scales for Beginners

An Easy (Yet Effective) Method for Mastering Chord Changes

BONUS Chapter Giving you Video and Tab Resources to Supercharge your Learning (All of This for The Price of 3 Cups of Coffee...)

And that is barely even scratching the surface!

Even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before, even if you don’t know the difference between a major or minor chord or even if you ‘just can’t learn to play Guitar’ this book will prove you wrong and offer practical solutions to make playing the Guitar second nature for you.

Or, if you know someone who’s receiving a Guitar as a holiday gift (or Birthday gift) this is the PERFECT companion book to help them learn the Guitar rapidly!

So, if you’re ready to have hours of fun while starting your Guitarist journey then scroll up and click “Add to Cart.”
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