Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Business: How To Start an Online Business That Will Crush It! - A Rookie Entrepreneur Start Up Guide (Beginner Internet Marketing Series Book 5)

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ISBN-10 / ISBN-13B077W47GK9 / 978B077W47GK9
AuthorGundi Gabrielle
Binding TypeKindle Edition
Number Of Pages155
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Product Description

Are you tired of your job, but afraid of starting a business

Overwhelmed by the challenges of marketing and NO CLUE how to even start a business?

What... if instead you could turn something you love and are passionate about into a full time income?

With an exact step-by-step plan that shows you how to get from A to Z while avoiding the pitfalls most rookie entrepreneurs fall into?

How would that change your life?

It may seem like a far-away dream, but that is exactly what this little start up guide by Top 100 Business Author and Lifestyle Entrepreneur Gundi Gabrielle will teach you!

Step by step - while having fun along the way!!

Whether it is chapters like: 

  • "How to chill with the M-Word" (aka Marketing)
  • "Sassyliscious Brand Explosion" 
  • or the occasional "Boo-Boo Alert"

Gundi and her flagship SassyZenGirl humor readers of the "Sassy....NO CLUE!" series have come to love, take a difficult subject and turn it into an easy-to-understand, fun journey that anyone can use as a roadmap for turning their passion into a business.

This book is not about writing a detailed business plan or setting up an LLC.

The No Fluff/No BS Blueprint on How to start a business that will CRUSH IT!! is about the core principles of modern marketing as practiced by successful entrepreneurs a la Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, Jon Morrow, Evan Carmichael, Russel Brunson and many others.

Not pitching or pestering people - or any other sleazy salesman tactics - but rather truly caring about your customers and clientsbullding long lasting relationships and creating win-win situations for everyone involved. 

Finding out what people actually want and need and then tailoring your product to their needs, so they'll love buying from you, rather than you pursuing them.

Sound a lot more fun?

Even more fun: you will learn how to harness the formidable marketing power of today's internet platforms to: 

  1. grow an enthusiastic following of people who share your passion 
  2. provide them with expert advice and support
  3. build a business from that customer base

Are you Ready to Rock?

Then here are The 7 Steps to a Successful Online Business:

Step 1 - Your Game Plan

Step 2 - Niche Down, Y'all!

Step 3 - Bread & Butter Basics: Start a Blog

Step 4 - Publish a Bestseller

Step 5 - Learn to Crush it: Marketing Basics

Step 6 - Get the Bling Flowing

Step 7 - Explode your Brand

PLUS, 2 Bonus Chapters:

"Marketing, Oh NO!!! - How to Chill with the M-Word"

"Sassyliscious Brand Explosion - Say wha'...?"

And a FREE Training Class!

If you are ready to start a business doing what you love while gaining the freedom you deserve, scroll up to the top and hit the BUY button.

See ya on the inside...:)

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