Dragonfly Summer: Book Two - Smith Mountain Lake Series

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ISBN-10 / ISBN-13153032372X / 9781530323722
AuthorInglath Cooper
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (on 2016-03-01)
Binding TypePaperback
Number Of Pages337
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Product Description
Just when you think you'll never find the real thing. . .

When she realizes she's to blame for her nineteen-year-old daughter's disappearance, Keegan Monroe leaves behind a successful career in L.A. for a quieter life on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. Raised in the foster care system, Keegan had been determined that her children would live a different life. And so, while she fully met their physical needs, the best schools and a luxurious lifestyle, she hadn't been a daily presence in their lives the way she now knows she should have been. She doesn't intend to waste her son's last year of high school in the same way and determines that things will be different between them in spite of his obvious resentment of the move to Virginia.

Bowie Dare, an ex-FBI agent turned thriller writer, loves the life he's made for himself and his dog Carson on Smith Mountain Lake. Years of seeing the evil underbelly of society led him to a point where he had to choose a different existence. He'd lost his wife in the process -- she liked the old Bowie -- the one who had been able to compartmentalize the bad stuff he saw and go on with life per normal. 

When Keegan stops at Bowie's house to ask directions the night she arrives at the lake, they're both at a point of questioning their earlier choices and whether those choices had been worth the price. But in this chance encounter, they begin to realize that the puzzle pieces of life don't always make sense until we're a little further down the road. And you just never know when the real thing might come along.


★★★★★ Love everything Inglath writes. Keegan Monroe moves to Smith Mountain Lake Virginia from Hollywood to try to save her son from going down a bad path her daughter took, they haven't heard from her in a year. Bowie Dare left the FBI for the quiet life at the lake where he can write his suspense novels. Keegan and Bowie have a chance meeting when she stops for directions driving into town. Starting over, hope and fate make for a fantastic story.

★★★★★ Butterflies. Another romantic, yet thrilling novel that set my belly into a wave of butterflies and feely goods. The simplistic life has never looked more appealing and I feel blessed to be able to relate with it. Nothing better than a connection between a good book and your reality.

★★★★★ Loved it! I loved this book! Good plot. Loved the quotes in between the short chapters. The type of book you can't put down. Just what I needed for relaxing on a summer afternoon/ evening and sitting outside and reading. Buying another one of many by Inglath Cooper now.

★★★★★ Loved this book and the first one in this series. Inglath Cooper's writing takes you right to the place the book is talking about and you feel for the people in the book. For me it's like I'm there seeing what they see, feeling what they feel and you just fall in love with the characters.

★★★★★ Romance and life at its best. Inglath captures audience once again with Dragonfly Summer. This is a wonderful story about two people from two different careers move to smith mountain and find what has been missing in their lives, a real connection with some one. On is an retired FBI agent and one is an actress that is looking to get away from LA and take time to be with her son.

★★★★★ The characters are believable, relatable, and engaging. . .the characters are believable, relatable, and engaging. As with all of Inglath's books, I am left wanting more of the story. Looking forward to Book 3 in the series.
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