Land Your Dream Job: Join the 2% Who Make it Past Resumé Screening

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ISBN-10 / ISBN-131999058909 / 9781999058906
AuthorMichael Lachance
PublisherMichael Lachance (on 2019-03-21)
Binding TypePaperback
Number Of Pages128
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Product Description

Ideal for job seekers in 2020, Land Your Dream Job will guide you through every step of the job search process from reading the job description to getting hired:

  • Create an effective and targeted cover letter for the job you want
  • Build a professional resumé that gets results using Achievement Sentences 
  • Prepare for your job interview using practise questions and response techniques
  • Includes a sample cover letter and resumé to get your application started today!

Over ten years of job-search strategies are in this book. This includes Michael's experience...

  • Helping recruit for an Inc. 5000 list online education company called Self-Publishing School (with over 550 applicants!)
  • Working as a Career Assistant supporting university students and alumni transition from full-time student to full-time career
  • Applying to and getting hired by over twenty jobs (with many job offers on-the-spot)

Take it from Brenda:

"I have read hundreds of resumés, conducted hundreds of interviews, I wish I could have had this tool to give to the 98%. They may have been a good candidate, however this tool would have made them the right candidate."

From Steven and Kelli:

"Michael conveys the most important aspects of the Job Hunt, Cover Letter/Resume & Interview process - a great resource for students in high school Careers classes!"

Or from Scott:

"I believe this book can be for everyone, regardless if you are just starting out fresh out of Uni, or have been laid off of work at the age of 55 and suddenly find yourself searching for a job after 25 years." 

Read through three sections of this book (Cover Letter, Resumé, and Prepare for Your Interview) and know exactly how to apply for and land a job - from start to finish.

Whether you're looking to land your first job, changing careers, or want to help your son or daughter apply to their first job, this book is for you:

  • Read and understand a job description to know what's most important for the employer
  • Create results-based Achievement Sentences to show the employer you get results
  • Properly prepare for your job interview by learning the 7 P's, and practise answering twenty thought-provoking interview questions that'll make you stand out from the crowd

Don't wait another day to apply to your Dream Job - another candidate may be using these strategies today!

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