Guitar Chords in Context: The Practical Guide to Chord Theory and Application

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ISBN-10 / ISBN-131789330424 / 9781789330427
AuthorMr Joseph Alexander (on 2019-04-24)
Binding TypePaperback
Number Of Pages111
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Product Description

Understand and Play Guitar Chords in Context 

A complete guitar chord method that teaches you to build, understand and play every chord in modern music.

Not just another chord dictionary

Whether you’re learning guitar for the first time, or you’re looking for more insight into how guitar chords work, Guitar Chords in Context has the answers you’re looking for. Instead of simply teaching meaningless chord diagrams, this book teaches you in great detail how to construct and apply every chord type you’ll ever come across.

  • Are you struggling with traditional chord dictionaries? - Hundreds of chord diagrams but no clue on how to use them?
  • Do you need a concise guide to the most important guitar chords and how they function in music? 
  • Do you want to play every chord in three different ways on guitar? 

Guitar Chords in Context is different

Instead of blinding you with thousands of diagrams of similar, meaningless chords, every single chord type (Major, Minor, 7, Sus etc.) is broken down into its theory, application and sound before you're taught the three most important voicings that real guitarists use. 

  • Guitar Chords in Context teaches you
  • Hundreds of short cuts to help you make better music
  • Build and play major, minor sus2, sus4 chords
  • Discover dominant 7, minor 7, major 7 and m7b5 chords
  • How to apply 6th and altered dominant chords. 
  • Learn how to use substitutions to add extensions and chromatic alterations make your chords interesting and unique
  • Understand and play guitar chords in a musical context, don’t just learn a list of complex voicings
  • Three playable, usable ways to play every chord immediately

Bonus 110 audio examples to download for free to show you how your music should sound.

Bonus Exclusive backing tracks to help your practise

The book itself contains over 100 pages of crystal clear, high resolution diagrams covering the construction of every common guitar chord type. There are three different essential voicings for each chord and plenty of information about the context in which it is used.

How your guitar playing will immediately benefit:

By understanding the theory behind the construction of each guitar chord type and learning where every interval lays on the fretboard, you will instantly see the guitar neck in a new way. You will quickly internalise the concept of guide tones and be able to use them to immediately construct any chord type you desire, anywhere on the neck.

When you have read Guitar Chords in Context you will see and understand the guitar neck in a whole new light. In fact, you will never need a traditional ‘chord dictionary’ again. You will quickly be able to find the musical voicings that work for you - every time.

Guitar Chords in Context is a complete, useful and musical way to master chords for guitar that's easy, systematic, and fun.

Buy it now and quickly discover how to build and use every important chord on guitar

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